¡ôKe-Tong Metallurgy Indusry & Tade Co., Ltd. is specialized in produing silicon calcium, other alloys and electrod paste. It is established in March 2004, and it is one of the earliest enterprises in China which engaged in silicon calcim production and processing. Located in Shizuishan economic and technologhial development zone, the company covers a land area of over 100,000 square meters, and employs upwards of 400 employees, including 48management professionals and 26 technicians. In addition, the company is only 3km away from the Hong-guo-zi Exit on Beijing-Tibet High way,

10km far from Hui-nong Station on Baotou-Lanzhou Railway, as well as 5km from the National Highway No.109. Besides, the road within this company¡¯s area is linked up with the National Highway No.110, thus making it possible to travel from this company to Yinchuan Airport within 1hour¡¯s driving along Beijing-Tibet Highway. The transportation is very convenient.

¡ôThe company takes advantage of abundant resources, incluive of power, coal, silica and its telent advantage,etc, to concentrate itself on production and development for silicon calcium and other alloys. On December 2010, the company has obtained national technical patent for ¡°mixed production for silicon calcium in big furnace¡±. In 2012, the company has used the new technology and invested the 30000KVA rotation type submerged arc furnace. By the meantime, the company eliminated all the small furnaces. Through transformation and upgrading of equipment, the indicators of product quality and energy consumption have reached the advanced level in international and domestic field. At present, the company is prepareing the energy conservation project of Waste Heat Power Generation for Arc furnace. The company plans to put the project into operation in 2015, and it will become the first calcium alloy production who achieve the waste heat power generation on the same time. It explored a new economic way for the resouces cycle of submerged arc furnace.

¡ôSo far, the company has owned 2 sets of 30000KVA and 1set of 18600KVA rotation Submerged arc furnace, 2 sets of rare earth ferrosilicon furnace, 3 sets of 1.0 tons medium frequency electric furnace, 1 set of production line for electrod paste, and 2 sets of crashing lines. In 2006, the company was ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificated. In 2007, it passed the examination for entry into the metallurgial industry. The lab has been equipted the high-quality laboratory technician and the high-tech testing devices, such as carbon-sulfur analyzer, which can accurately detect such elements as Si, Al, Ca, Ba, Mn, Mg, Mgo, C, P, S, etc. The company has the import and export right. Its products are sold as far as in Japan, rea, USA, EU countries, etc. Domesticlly, it has maintained long-term stable cooperation with multiple steel&iron enterprises and foundries. We have establised our own brand-¡°XiangMai¡±, and it become the famous brand in silicon calcium market. Achieve an annual industrial output value of 500 million RMB and 40 million RMB in profits and taxes.

¡ôThe company always adheres to its operationg creed featuring ¡°surnival based on superior quality, pursuit of maximal results through effective management¡±, and clings to its service motto going as ¡° Meet Customers¡¯ Requirements for Their Satisfaction¡±. In practices, it has endeavored to pursue scientific and technological innovation, save engergy, bring down the energy consumption, learn from multiple other parties, and step up its efforts in bettering itself in all respects. The company welcomes all interested parties to visit its premises and discuss the possibilities of mutual cooperation, for common prosperity.

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